Celebrate the wins of your friends in business

There is a whole industry built around celebrating milestones in women’s lives—wedding showers, baby showers, engagement parties and birthday parties—but where are the celebrations for women building their own business?

The traditional celebrations for women revolve around changing relationship statuses—fiance, bride to be, expectant mother… ‘business owner’ just doesn’t get a mention.

But here at The Social Butterfly Agency, we think launching a business or achieving a career goal should be celebrated just as much as getting engaged.

Hundreds of hours of work, effort and brainpower go into building and running your own business, and the women chipping away at this often don’t pause to recognise their own achievements – they’re too busy! There’s also a culture around humility that deters women from being vocal about their career and business successes.

Want some ideas on how you can celebrate your friend’s success? Read on.

Let them know you see their success

A quick “Proud of you!” text, phone call or a suite of emojis under a social media post is the perfect way to cheer them on from the sidelines

Get a gift

A sweet bunch of flowers or a scented candle is just enough to say: “look at you go!”

Catch up and celebrate

Finding a time when you’re both free can be tricky, but pencilling a time in your diary to sit down, reflect on achievements and celebrate the milestone before the next goal post looms is a definite way to make your friend feel seen and celebrated.


Celebration is a proven way to boost motivation and confidence, so the next time a friend achieves a milestone in their business – celebrate it as you would any other achievement: with a party, a few drinks and lots of congratulations!


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