Digital Marketing in the post iOS 14 era

There has been talk in the industry for years that Facebook Advertising may become harder and harder as the way we use the internet evolves and policies adapt to these changes.

The introduction of Apple’s iOS 14 in 2020 means that users now need to opt-in or opt-out of data collection for every app they use. At the time, Facebook released an outline of how the update would disproportionately impact small businesses who used the platform to advertise.

To cut through all the jargon surrounding this issue, Facebook and Instagram users will be receiving less personalised advertisements, as businesses don’t have the required data to build accurate ad audiences. This has meant that some businesses are seeing a lower return on their social media campaigns.

Like all good digital marketing agencies, The Social Butterfly has adapted to this change to ensure our clients are still getting the results they’re aiming for.

So, what are we focusing on in the post iOS 14 era?

We’re making sure our clients are verifying their domains with Facebook to make it clear that their ads are connected to a legitimate business. We’re analysing our clients businesses to ensure the right 8 conversion events are utilised for optimum data collection. We’re making sure we keep an extra close eye on individual ads to accommodate for the shorter ad set attribution window. We’re helping our customers build internal data collection for them to rely on through Google Analytics and CRM. And we’re focusing more attention on custom audience sizes and altering remarketing strategies in response.

When major changes are introduced by the giants of the tech world and impact small businesses, there is a lot of panic within the industry. Through research, data analysis and trial and error, The Social Butterfly is committed to still delivering results for our clients.

If you’re struggling to adapt to the changes, we’d love to help you re-strategise and continue confidently using social media marketing to promote your business.

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