How to manage your time as a small business owner AND parent

How many hats are you wearing? Parent, partner, business owner… that’s a lot for one head!

Juggling your business and raising your family is a massive undertaking. We’re cheering for you!

We know better than anyone that building your business while also pouring all your energy into your family can be draining, so we’ve put together our top tips on managing your time with your business so you can focus your energy on your kids!

Plan your week

We know that this seems obvious, but amongst the whirlwind of young children and the constant demands of business, planning your week often falls to the wayside, right?

Taking 30 minutes on a Sunday evening after the kids have gone to bed and before you start folding laundry, sit down with a planner and pen and map out your week.

Making time for all the important things will have your week running a lot smoother – and don’t forget to schedule in breaks (even if it’s just a cup of tea between meetings!)

Plan your day

Yep! You’ve planned your week, now you need to plan your days.

Every morning, create a prioritised to-do list that will help you achieve the goals you set when planning your week.

Then, divide your day in a way that works around your family requirements and cross off your to-do list during these predetermined blocks.

Batch your work

Just like meal prepping, batching your work can help cut down on how many times you have to complete a task.

If you find yourself completing the same task over and over throughout the week, it’s probably a good idea to batch it all together.

Record a week of your usual work and then study the results. Are you spending half an hour every day responding to social media comments? Why not block out a Wednesday morning and smash them all out in two hours. Or if you’ve got meetings scattered throughout the week that make it hard to know if you can make school pick up, choose two days to dedicate to meetings and stick to them!

Time management when running a business and chasing after your children is always going to be tricky! Implementing the above strategies and understanding that you may have to be flexible is key to surviving this season of life without pulling your hair out!

We’d love to take your social media ads off your hands so you can direct your energy and attention elsewhere. Get in touch today so we can help you with your time management!

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