Organic or Paid Social Media Marketing: It’s a question as old as…well, social media

Gone are the days of taking an ad out in the local classifieds or doing a letterbox drop. Now, getting your business noticed and customers lining up for your products is all about your presence on social media.

So, how are you going to do that?

There are two main ways to establish yourself online and reach the people who need your product: organic social media marketing and paid marketing strategies. We outline the benefits below.

Why use organic social media marketing?

Organic social media marketing is the sharing of free content such as static posts, stories, videos, and text without boosting or advertising the content.

Organic content is important for establishing a brand’s look and presence, but it doesn’t have huge reach outside its current following as it is at the mercy of the algorithm.

Why use paid social media marketing?

Paid social media marketing generates greater engagement, views and reach as paying for a campaign gives you the capacity to target your social media to people who want or need your product.

All that time and effort you’ve put into your content will pay off because it’s seen by the right people, which leads to greater traffic to your site and growth of your audience.

A good paid social media strategy will build upon the insights of your previous campaigns to create successful, tailored campaigns that convert.

Have you found success with organic social media? Or are you a fan of paid advertising like us?

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