Our Top Fave Facebook Ads Spying Tools

We’re always looking to ensure our clients have the cutting edge over their competitors, so that means a lot of deep diving into their industry competitors. What’s working for them and how can we do it better? What’s not working? Where’s the gap and how can we fill it?

Using spying tools helps us answer the above questions and drill down into the nitty-gritty of the campaign we’re planning. We’ve found that really getting to know our client’s competitors has helped us boost our clients campaigns…and who doesn’t love a little bit of snooping?

If you’re looking to start analysing your competitor’s FB ad campaigns, check out the tools below.

Facebook Ad Library

We can’t go past Facebook’s very own offering in this space: Facebook Ad Library. If you’re just starting to contemplate using FB ads, we recommend browsing through its capabilities and checking out your competitors.

In an effort to improve transparency, the Ad Library provides a collection of ads currently active across all Facebook apps.

Engine Scout

The team at Engine Scout Agency have developed a free tool that allows you to deep dive into potential Facebook Audiences. While Facebook’s Ad Manager only shows you 25 options, Engine Scout’s Free Facebook Interest Hunter allows you to “target Facebook audiences nobody knows about”. The free tool will pull up hundreds of related audiences from just a keyword, helping you build extensive target audiences and get the edge over your competitors.

Social Ad Scout

Willing to spend a little bit of cash to get the extra edge over your competitors? The folks over at Social Ad Scout have you covered.

With Social Ad Scout, you can view the exact targeting details of ads, utilise detailed search filters and observations, download landing pages, interact with live ads and save ads you like for future reference.

Social Ad Scout will even let you know when ads with specified keywords are viewed, so you can keep a close eye on your competitors. If you’re serious about tracking the success of your competitors, Social Ad Scout should definitely be in your arsenal.

We’d love to know how you use spying tools to get the edge over your competitors!

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