‘Paying to Play’ – Social Media Advertising in 2021 and Beyond

Here at The Social Butterfly Agency, we’re big believers in paying to play the social media game, and not just because that’s what we specialise in!

If you’re already investing money into your paid social media marketing, you’re in on the secret. The giant social media platforms generate their revenue through advertising, so it’s no wonder that investing your marketing budget into strategic paid social ads generates the real results everyone is looking for.

If you’re already getting results from your marketing, we don’t need to convince you to take the initial leap into the paid playing field. But, if you’re contemplating upping your ad spend, read on for reassurance on why investing money into your social media is the right way to tackle it.

It’s more cost-effective to stick with paid socials

This may seem counterintuitive but think about the return you get on the time spent curating your organic social media markets. You may not be investing money into posting to your feed, but you’re investing precious time. That time could be used optimising other areas of your business!

The average conversion rate in Facebook ads across all industries is 9.2%. Do the maths and we think you’ll quickly agree that paid social media is definitely more cost-effective than organic social media.

You boost your reach with paid social media

As platforms begin prioritising paid social media more and more, organic reach has dropped.

Reach for non-promoted content on Facebook can be as low as 5.2%, which means that the carousel you spent a good few hours on today may only be seen by 1 in 20 of your followers…not good.

Take a look at the reach of your organic posts and your promoted posts and compare. If you’re keen to continue building your reach, stick to the paid ads.


It’s easier to build brand awareness

We’ve all had that one ad pop up every time we scroll our social media feeds. It appears so often that we soon click on it and start to explore everything the brand has to offer.

These paid social media ads that target your specific audience are one of the best ways to build brand awareness and recognition—there’s no reason to stop now!

Keen to continue your paid social media journey and transform the way you’re paying to play? The Social Butterfly Agency can help you take your paid ad campaigns to the next level and get more bang for your buck. Reach out today!

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