The Seven Deadly Sins of FB Ads

Ever feel like you’re walking on coals trying to set up a successful FB ad campaign? The process can be long and arduous, especially when you’re making small mistakes that prevent your ads performing as they should.

We recommend avoiding the Seven Deadly Sins listed below as a first step in creating a successful FB Ad campaign.

1. Low quality images

The amount of information in just one scroll of Facebook is astounding. If you’re not using high quality images, you’re not going to capture the attention of your customers amidst the hustle and bustle of the feed. High quality images also speak volumes about the quality of your brand because we all know that judging a book by it’s cover is an inescapable part of being human. So, make sure your FB Ads are representing you well with crisp, high-quality images.

2. Poor audience targeting

If you’re not targeting your ads to a specific, curated audience, you’re not doing FB Ads right. For your ads to be successful, you need to research and collate a targeted list of Facebook audiences who will respond to your product and service.

Not investing time in creating a strong target list will see all your hard work go to waste on the wrong audience.

3. Undefined offers

Your offer is arguably the most important component of your FB ad. The high-quality image is what makes your customer stop scrolling, but the offer captures their click-through.

If your offer is vague or confusing, you’re unlikely to entice them to click through and shop with you.

4. Failing to reference audience

The whole point of paid FB advertising is targeting your audience, so if you’re not referencing them in your ads you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to convert your audience into customers.

Referencing your audience is a shortcut to letting them know that your product and service is exactly what they are looking for. Studies have shown a strong reference can increase click-through rates by up to 13%.

5. Weak call to actions

How’s your CTAs? Are they prompting the audience to engage with you, enticing them to spend more time with you than with the endless scroll?

You want your Call to Actions to be strong and clear, leaving no doubt in their minds what to do next.

6. Setting an incorrect budget

Setting a smart budget is a key part of getting your FB ads right! Setting a budget that is too low or too high can have disastrous effects on your campaign strategy.

If you set the budget too low, you may not gather enough data to see if your ad has legs. If you set the budget too high, you run the risk of burning through your investment on an ad that doesn’t convert.

So, how do you avoid setting an incorrect budget? Read on…

7. Not split-testing!

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3.

Split-testing your ads is the crucial last step in setting up your campaign that you don’t want to miss. Split-testing is running between 2 and 6 different ads with varied copy, creatives and CTAs for a week to test which ads have the most success with your audience, then deactivating the ads that don’t perform.

It’s the best way to find out what your audience responds to and gives you great insight on how to shape future campaigns.

Sometimes creating FB ad campaigns on your own is a process of trial and error – we’ve been there and done that! Avoiding these seven deadly sins is the first step in creating successful FB ad campaigns that boost traffic to your site.

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