Why marketing is a woman’s world/Why women are drawn to marketing

The insights from the Media Federation of Australia’s 2020 Industry Census show that women are on the up and up within the media and marketing industry, and we love to see it!

Women are now the majority when it comes to employees, with 61% of the company being made up of women. 44% of media agency management roles are filled by women (an increase by 7%) and 34% of CEOs are women.

So, what is attracting women to this industry?

Marketing requires creativity and vision

Marketing should be a core part of any business’ growth plan and when a company invests money and resources into their marketing department, they’ll reap the benefits.

Working in a company that values their marketing team is alluring for many women as it allows them utilise their creativity and realise their visions.

There’s nothing more satisfying than letting the creative juices flow and seeing your work out in the world doing it’s thing.

Marketing requires collaboration

The opportunity to work collaboratively and closely with a team is also a major drawcard for women wanting to carve out a career in marketing.

Marketing really lends itself to team-based work, so building strong connections with colleagues is a huge incentive for many women who prefer to work as part of a team.

Marketing can offer a greater work/life balance

Marketing can offer a greater work/life balance, and for many women that is a key factor when choosing a career path.

Even before the pandemic made working from home the norm, marketing had a long history of telecommuting and working from home. While this depends entirely on the company, the project based work of marketing can mean that there’s much more room to work flexibly, even after we emerge from the pandemic.

So, women of marketing… what drew you to this industry in the first place? We’d love to know.

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