Your eComm site needs these seven things to generate sales 

We work with a lot of eComm sellers who are boosting their sales with our ads strategies, but there is no point having a killer ad strategy if your website isn’t optimised to make it as easy as possible for customers to purchase.

So, we thought we’d share our top seven things we think eComm sites need to generate sales.

High-Quality Images (and lots of them)

Let your customers get a good idea of the product they’ll be purchasing so they feel comfortable hitting that add to cart button.

Image Zoom

When buying online, people want to inspect every element of the product to be confident in their purchase, and a zoom function lets them do just that.

Detailed product descriptions

List everything you can in the product descriptions so your potential customers aren’t left wondering about the materials or dimensions.

Customer Reviews

Build social proof into your product descriptions with customer reviews that make your potential customers feel secure in their purchase.


Spending time writing up answers to your FAQs not only gives your customers peace of mind, but it’ll cut down on pre-purchase queries.

Sticky Bars

Having CTAs that slide in at the top of your customer’s browser is a great way to prompt them to purchase or buy-in to a deal.


Boost your average total spend by providing your customers with options for additional add-ons in the check-out.

We’ve worked with so many companies to drive traffic towards their websites and increase their sales through social media ads, and we’ve found that our top-performing clients have some or all of the above elements on their websites.

Is your eComm site ready to take on more traffic and increased sales? Reach out to our team today about building a strong social media ad campaign.

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